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Sweet Dreams Boutique 10.5.22 Release Date

Pre-Orders Open August 2, 2022

Sweet Dreams Boutique  10.5.22 Release Date

First Lady LaShaun Delaney is married to Bishop Langston Delaney, Founder of Delaney Ministries International and a world-renowned theologian.  She is part owner of Sweet Dreams Boutique, a luxury lingerie boutique that sells much more than lingerie.

Langston and LaShaun are at the pinnacle of happiness when a deacon in their congregation is murdered, exposing the boutique's salacious secrets.

Now, LaShaun must face the hard truth about herself and make decisions that could change the course of her life and the lives of everyone connected to her.  Will she trust God and do the right thing, or does it come at a price she's just not willing to pay?

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