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The past comes back to haunt LaShaun Delaney, the First Lady of an Atlanta mega ministry whose life has been a rollercoaster of turmoil and uncertainty. Following a year marred by terrifying trauma and the shocking revelations surrounding Sweet Dreams Boutique, she believed the worst was behind her. Little did she know that the darkest secrets are often the ones that refuse to stay buried.

After months of intensive therapy, LaShaun is finally regaining her footing, determined to rebuild the life that was nearly torn apart. But just when she believes the storm has subsided, a mysterious caller shatters her newfound stability. The voice on the other end of the line delivers chilling threats that send shivers down her spine, and it becomes clear that the past refuses to release its grip on her.

Her marriage to Bishop Langston Delaney is teetering on the brink of collapse, unable to withstand the tumultuous year they've endured. Instead of seeking solace in his arms, she flees to the comforting presence of an old friend, a man who has been a steady anchor in her life. However, as they reunite, a spark ignites between them, complicating her fragile emotional state even further. The passion that simmers between LaShaun and her confidante will unearth long-held secrets, forever altering the course of their lives.

Will LaShaun uncover the identity of her tormentor before it's too late, and will the revelation of long-hidden secrets lead to redemption or ruin?


In this heart-pounding suspense novel, the only certainty is that the truth will set her free, even if it shatters her world in the process.

A Tale of Lies, Lust,
& the First Lady

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What do you do when the life you've carefully curated on a foundation of lies and deceit suddenly unravels, leaving you on the verge of losing your marriage, your business, and everyone you hold dear?

First Lady LaShaun Delaney has worked hard to get where she is today. So, as wife to Bishop Langston Delaney and owner of Sweet Dreams Boutique—a luxury lingerie brand that sells much more than lingerie, she hides dark secrets she never wants revealed.


She and Langston are at the pinnacle of happiness when a congregation member suffers a heart attack while romping with one of the Boutique's Dream Girls. His subsequent murder exposes LaShaun’s salacious secret, throws her marriage into disarray, and threatens the boutique she created to help her sorority sisters through college.


After years spent cutting herself to overcome life's heartaches, Karisma Stanley is finally stable. She's a college student at Atlanta University, looking forward to pledging Alpha Rho Theta Sorority. She idolizes LaShaun and begins working as her assistant. Her life is good until she is charged with the member's murder and relapses. 

Now, LaShaun must decide whether to risk everything by helping to prove Karisma's innocence or protect herself, Sweet Dreams Boutique, and everything she holds dear. 


Will she do the right thing, or does doing so come at a price she's just not willing to pay?

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"This book was PHENOMINAL. I am not a series book reader but decided to try this one. I was COMPLETELY SOLD by the end of book one. The author did an excellent job of filling in the details to ensure the story flowed. Honey...this book HAS IT ALL!!! The characters all have their own distinctive personalities and keep you wanting more. This book has it all, drama, sorrow, suspense, intrigue, and so much more! Can't wait for the 2nd addition to this series!!"            -Amazon Verified Purchaser

" I absolutely loved this book from start to finish. If you love a page turner that will keep you engaged this is the book for YOU! Not to mention, this is just book one so we can continue to be invested in the amazing characters. I loveddd the story and the drama! I can’t wait for book two!"

                         -L. Toomer

"Christian fiction isn't my typical go-to genre (I'm a dark academia girl, for context), but this book was great! The characters were funny, likeable, and well-developed and I LOVED that nearly the entire plot was driven by strong, black, female characters."


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